Stratosphere Steel

Stratosphere Steel is at the forefront of steel construction in Australia. We supply the the strongest, most durable, 100% termite proof and fire safe framing products.

Our steel frames and trusses are the premium choice for builders and homeowners, designed for maximum architectural flexibility and affordability. We supply steel framing products that are fast and easy to work with, and that lends itself perfectly to innovative, unique buildings and homes.

Stratosphere Steel's factory houses many innovative technologies. These include a Computer Numerical Controlled steel frame manufacturing plant and various structural steel engineering tools that our experienced team uses to design and create all of the steel framing products.

All design, engineering and fabrication is done in house to ensure the highest quality of construction. Our steel framing design experts and engineers work from their studio within the factory and are always on site during the construction of every building.

Save time and money. Our quotes are fast and all-inclusive. We always aim for the most effective solution.

With decades of experience, our customers repeatedly benefit from increased efficiencies. We are as committed to customer satisfaction as we are to providing quality, cutting edge steel frame products, and have a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff to assist builders, designers and homeowners alike in finding the best steel solution to suit your requirements.

Our dedicated team and strict quality control process ensures that we deliver great results for precision building.

Our goal is to empower our environments to grow and flow around the inspirations of their owners.
Stratosphere Steel delivers to a wide range of projects. From stand-alone residential and commercial projects.

We have invested in cutting-edge machinery that enables us to deliver any project type, size or complexity.


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